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Fixed UV-C Disinfection System

Our UVC Light is affordable, easy to use, and provides an extra layer of safety and protection in the spaces where people live, work, shop, and play.

The ForUVC system is a fixed installation system to disinfect large spaces with the use of UV-C radiation which has been proven to be the leading disinfection method to combat pandemic viruses. The UVC Light Emitting Diodes covers the entire spectrum of germicidal UV penetrating the cells and damaging the nucleic acid, rendering them incapable of reproduction, or microbiologically inactive.

No Human Exposure. The ForUVC disinfection only occurs on the horizontal surface beneath the device so there is no human contact.

  • 3 bulb lighting system that is expandable

  • 230 Watts and expandable

  • Our engineers will custom design your suit your needs

  • Eliminates 99.9% of viruses, bacteria, and fungi

  • Autonomously cleans when you leave the premises and our automatic timer shuts off when complete
  • Reduce transmission of diseases

  • Quick, efficient and effective sterilization

  • Quick and easy installation

  • Integrates perfectly in any store, building or room

  • Low cost and easy installation

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